What Happened CCHI 2016


Why are there two, almost identical, initiative measures collecting signatures to qualify on the ballot in 2020?


The two proponents of the Cannabis Hemp Heritage Act, Patrick H. Moore and Jeanette Perez, were board members of the CCHI 2016 campaign. Because of unresolved ethical matters involving CCHI 2016-2020 proponents and leadership, Moore and Perez, along with West, filed the Cannabis Hemp Heritage Act 2020 with the California Attorney General on August 19, 2019, in an attempt to run a transparent, professional, and successful campaign.


At the launch of the 2016 campaign, the sole proponent of the CCHI2016, Burton "Buddy" Duzy was physically unavailable to manage the campaign because he was incarcerated for his fourth un-cannabis-related felony and encouraged the campaign to lie about why he was absent.


Duzy filed as the self-appointed treasurer and only proponent on the 410 Form Statement of Organization Recipient Committee, although there was a large organized team working around him urging him to establish structure and transparency.


Once the structure was proposed, Duzy refused to abide by standard board structure and procedure.


Duzy refused to record meetings and lied about those meetings happening to the community.


Duzy refused to address embezzlement of campaign funds within the organization and misappropriation of resources.


In July 2019, we began deliberations with the parties involved, including Dan Herer, Eddy Lepp, and representatives from the Industrial Hemp Alliance at LATTC, to address these issues and to come together to file one initiative measure. Duzy said he would not file if we did, but he did file. Subsequently, he said he would unfile.


After wasting another month (3 months total) and Duzy not fulfilling his initial agreements, we were told we had to place Duzy on our board and make him a recognized figure in the CHHA2020 campaign, while simultaneously refusing to discuss or answer any of our above listed concerns before he would unfile.


We have confidently decided to move forward with what we know to be a more professional, respectable, and success-oriented team.

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